Koraline & Brett

More good friends needed pictures of their children for father’s day, and Koraline was turning 7! We did 100% outdoor images at Wehrspann lake in Omaha Nebraska and I think they came out amazing!

Guenther Family Photos

A good friend and old coworker asked for some family pictures of her daughter Nova who had just turned one years old! This was a fun family and a very casual shoot. But one-year old’s don’t sit still so we quickly moved out of the studio into the woods where Nova could run around and I could capture her exploration. I love the images we produced together. Here are some of my favorites!

Learning Natural Lighting With Crystal and Sean

On Saturday June 1st I got the opportunity to learn some new natural light techniques with Mike and Amy Benkis at Lake Zorinsky in Omaha Nebraska. They had two very fun models on hand, Crystal Divoky and Sean Livengood. Mike gave the camera and exposure tutorials while Amy provide posing instructions to the photographers and models. We spent a couple hours in the prime sun working in and around woods. Here are some of my favorite examples: