Happy Fourth of July!

Today is one of the days we honor our country and the sacrifices men and women have made for our freedom. One of the ways I’m celebrating is through my art. I spent some time in the studio with a very special American flag, given to my family by my younger brother. Micheal Bradley is a Master Sergeant in the Army and I couldn’t be more proud of him and his service. This flag was flown aboard a UH-60 Blackhawk, tail number 10-20765 in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan.

For this still life image, I wanted to honor the flag and the possibilities that it stands for. I back lit the flag to give it a glowing appearance to represent the bright future that was fought for and won for us. I worked in extra detail and texture of the thousands of threads to make each one more visible, which represents the millions of people who make up our country. Lastly, I kept the flag rough with the visible folds and wrinkles to represent that we while we as a nation are not perfect, we have the potential to be better.

God Bless America! Stay safe with your celebrations!


Photographing with Pride

My family and I just returned from a week long Royal Caribbean cruise to Cozumel Mexico, Falmouth Jamaica, and the Grand Cayman islands. June is Pride month and all week Royal Caribbean was flying the Pride flag in solidarity with LGBT+ people. Its a moment I had to capture for the colorful contrast and composition.

While I failed to make the following statement during Pride month, its important that I live by these morals every day of every month, regardless when the calendar says I should celebrate and support my fellow humans.

Myself and Whoa Family Photo will always support, defend, and treat others equally. We will never treat anyone differently on the basis of gender, gender identity, sexuality, race, religion, or age. Everyone is important to us, and worthy of being photographed and cherished in memories forever. That is our philosophy and guiding principle here, and how we will always operate our business. Love is Love.


Koraline & Brett

More good friends needed pictures of their children for father’s day, and Koraline was turning 7! We did 100% outdoor images at Wehrspann lake in Omaha Nebraska and I think they came out amazing!

Mike Taylor - Star Wars Death Trooper

Another 501st Legion member Mike Taylor doing portraits for his Star Wars Death Trooper. What can I say? He looks intimidating and awesome. Great work on the costume Mike!

Mike also cosplays as Darth Maul, and I’m dying to photograph him in that costume. I should go bug him again about it. :)

Star Wars Cosplay With Han Solo!

I’m a member of the 501st Legion Star Wars costume group, so I often meet the best of the best in Star Wars costumers. One of those best of the best is Steve Umholtz, who famously cosplays Han Solo. Steve wanted reproductions of images taken of Harrison Ford as Han Solo back in the 80’s. So in my home studio we meticulously worked every arm, leg, joint, and body part to exactly match Harrison Ford’s look on set. While Steve worked his body into perfect Han solo presentation, I worked the lights to mimic that 80’s single light look.

Just for fun, I own a Millennium Falcon Guitar that my brother made for me. Nothing is cooler than Han Solo jamming on a Falcon Guitar in the spirit of blues. NOTHING.

I think the results speak for themselves!

Guenther Family Photos

A good friend and old coworker asked for some family pictures of her daughter Nova who had just turned one years old! This was a fun family and a very casual shoot. But one-year old’s don’t sit still so we quickly moved out of the studio into the woods where Nova could run around and I could capture her exploration. I love the images we produced together. Here are some of my favorites!

Learning Natural Lighting With Crystal and Sean

On Saturday June 1st I got the opportunity to learn some new natural light techniques with Mike and Amy Benkis at Lake Zorinsky in Omaha Nebraska. They had two very fun models on hand, Crystal Divoky and Sean Livengood. Mike gave the camera and exposure tutorials while Amy provide posing instructions to the photographers and models. We spent a couple hours in the prime sun working in and around woods. Here are some of my favorite examples:

Self Portrait

Ugh! I think one of the reasons I love to be a photographer is so I can hide behind the camera and not have my picture taken. For those shy clients who hate the camera - I feel your pain. Sometimes great work means going outside your comfort zone and trying something new. Every day I try to learn a skill or get better at an existing one. Today, I set up my studio for a quick and comfortable high-key lighting and used the wireless setting on my Nikon to capture a self portrait using the Nikon remote app on my phone. I like how it turned out. :)


Hello, and welcome to Whoa Family Photography!  I’m Christopher Bradley, owner and photographer of the studio.  This endeavor is a life time dream in the making.  My lovely wife and family have given me a gift of opportunity to pursue my passion for photography and art full time.

There are a lot of choices for photographers in Omaha.  It is my goal to become the photographer that crafts images that better fit your personality and lifestyle.  Images that fit cohesively in your living space, complimenting who you are.  Images that make you, your family, and your friends say “Whoa!”

I can’t wait to see what we can create together.  Please contact me to schedule a photography consultation today.  Cheers!